Explore Eros!

Harness the power of eros to heal, to enlighten, to transform, and to enrich your life!

I work with men and women in three modes: experiential sessions for healing and personal growth; energy healing sessions; and talk-only coaching and spiritual direction.

The first step in determining whether I am the right practitioner for you is to meet for a free consultation. Join me for a cup of tea or coffee at a local coffee shop. If nothing else, it will be the most interesting conversation you have this week!

Experiential Sessions

In a safe and loving environment, you can relax into a custom experience that combines the holy power of eros with the healing effects of pleasure. Experiential sessions can be created for purposes of coaching and personal growth, to explore new experiences, or to bring healing to areas of trauma, frustration, or stagnation.

For experiential sessions, I draw on all my training.

Energy Healing

Most spiritual traditions have independantly arrived at separate understandings of a common concept: there is some intangible connection that humans have to each other and to a larger interconnectedness of all living creatures. This concept may be called Qi, Chi, Mana, Cit, Prana, L√ľng, Ruah, Energy, or Vital Energy by various traditions. Given a preponderance of anecdotal evidence, science has studied various energy healing modalities.

Although I am scientifically inclined and generally a skeptical thinker, I have seen energy healing relieve pain and suffering and open people to new experiences and new possibilities. In my practice I use abilities developed in Reiki attunement and shamanic training to bring loving, healing energy to bear on your concerns. One area of energy that is often underutilized is the sacred and very personal energy of Eros.


I offer coaching, instruction, and education across a variety of topics: