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This website only touches the surface of many fascinating topics. Resources for further information are below. For friends and other recommended practioners, see my links page.

Tantric Practitioner

I am working with two leading schools for tantric practitioners and teachers: the The Body Electric School, and the Source School of Tantra.

Sexological Bodywork

I have undertaken the sexological bodywork remote learning program.


Reiki is a method of energy healing by inviting and opening to Qi (Chi, Prana, Spirit — the universal life force). It is a gentle, nurturing form of healing useful for relaxation and renewal. Reiki energy techniques are incorporated into the sensual massage to bring sexual and spiritual healing to the places in your life and body where it is needed most. I study Reiki with Jade Yin Hom. Also of interest: Essential Reiki, by Diane Stein, and Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan.

Sensual Meditation

Sensual meditation is based on Nicole Daedone's "Orgasmic Meditation" as promoted and taught by her "One Taste" organization and made widely available in her book "Slow Sex."

Sexual Shamanism

Sexual shamanism fuses native american shamanic tradition with other frameworks for the connection and communion of sexual energies. I study with Kenneth Ray Stubbs.