Recommended Reading - A Complete Sacred Sexuality Library

Not every book below is going to be for every reader, but all have their merits.

NOTE: The construction of this library is IN PROGRESS.

Secret History of Western Sexual Mysticism

by Arthur Versluis

It is not common knowledge, but throughout the history of Christianity, vibrant subcultures, usually within mystical traditions, have celebrated sacred sexuality. Beginning with pre-Christian roots in Greek mystery rituals, Versluis traces the threads of sexual mysticism through to the New Age fusion with Eastern traditions. This is a fine survey of a little known history, but it is frustratingly short on both detail and hard evidence—often because the various movements have been ruthlessly eradicated as heresy. History, in this case, is most certainly written by the victors. Versluis offers extensive speculation based on what evidence does survive, but there is honestly an enormous amount of guesswork in play, some of which may say more about Versluis' interests than historical fact. Although the title uses the term "Western," — there is no Native American inclusion and only passing reference to Jewish or Muslim traditions. Despite these concerns, as a launching pad for further exploration of sacred sexuality in the Christian tradition, this is a strong and mostly readable starting point.

Women's Anatomy of Arousal

by Sheri Winston

This is an essential work for anyone interested in understanding or exploring women's sexual experience. Sheri Winston leverages new research and ancient wisdom to craft a truly practical — and fascinating — guide. This is not just for men interested in pleasing their partners, it is also for women who want to understand their own bodies in a more loving and intimate way. Including great illustrations both historical and anatomical, Winston's book has more down-to-earth practical advice than any three other books on this list. This would be a wonderful book for any young woman just learning about her sexuality, but there is depth and breadth of learning here sure to be of value to everyone throughout their lives.

Tantra Goddess: A Memoir of Sexual Awakening

by Caroline Muir

A fascinating and authentic memoir by one of the legends of the Western Tantric tradition. Caroline starts out as an unsatisfied young bride in Brooklyn, and documents her life before, during, and after founding one of the most influential schools of Tantra in the United States. With Charles Muir, Caroline experienced both sexual and spiritual awakening, but she is in no way a simple foil to his story. Caroline's story takes us from the sixties to the present day, and offers an insightful lens into what awakening into the divine feminine can mean. This is not a finely crafted work; in many senses it is a rough work of personal history. It is the events of her life, not the skill of the telling, that make this a book worth owning. Whether you are interested in the historical context of contemporary tantra, or whether you are looking for an honest and unabashed account of what leading a tantric life can look like, or whether you are simply interested in a fascinating autobiography of a fascinating character, this is a book worth picking up.