Loving Touch Ceremony

The loving touch ceremony includes no intimate contact, and does not directly aim to engage sexual energy — but rather to cultivate it over a longer period of time. Instead, this ceremony emphasizes loving skin-to-skin contact and energy work aimed at healing, nourishing, restoring, rejuvenating, and building confidence and clarity of both thought and heart.

In the loving touch ceremony you leave your underwear on, and experience a relaxing and sensual light-touch massage. Guided meditation and deep relaxation will be used to work toward any areas of personal improvement you are interested in addressing.

In this massage, attention is brought to bear above all things on relaxation and a calming, soothing, loving connection of skin to skin. This is a great "first step" for someone anxious about a more intimate massage but feeling the need for a more sensual, uninhibited experience than is typically available in a spa or salon. It can also be a wonderful way to invite a gradual increase in your sexual energy without a sharply erotic experience.

Duration: 60 minutes.