Intimate Prayer

The language of sacred sexuality is often inspired and informed by eastern traditions, primarily from India and China. Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism have contributed much to the understanding of sex and spirit.

There is one religion, however, which was from the outset a re-understanding our relationship with each other and our relationship with God as being a connection of love. Jesus preached engagement and enjoyment, not asceticism (although there is always a time and place for quiet retreat).

Although the tradition of Christianity has become dominated by the culture of the Roman Empire, with patriarchal political models and an uncomfortable relationship to sex and sensuality, the early Church explored a wide range of sexual and sensual approaches to spirituality.

Those who identify as Christians may want to incorporate intimate prayer into a session, to bring prayers of praise and gratitude to the Creator and to the Holy Spirit. Let pleasure be your prayer; let us sing psalms of our own devising!

Those who have been damaged by traditional Christianity may want to learn more about Christian sexual mysticism and the divine nature of eros.