About Matthias

I bring an intuitive, strong, loving heart to every moment of my time with you.

I base my work on the tantric principle of Mokṣa—a principle of powerful personal and spiritual liberation: liberation from all the traumas that have brought us to this moment in our life; liberation from the cultural programming that we have accidentally absorbed along the way; freedom from fear, shame, guilt, regret, inhibitions; freedom to live at our most authentic and open.

Whether our time together is experiential, experimental, and exploratory, or whether it is simply conversational and educational, I will give you the benefit of my heart, my mind, my experience, and my intuition. This did not come easily!

I came to this calling from seventeen years in the corporate world. During this time my emotional life was a shambles: unable to discern my own wants, articulate my needs, or bring my true self to relationship, I felt like a fairly hopeless case at home, and a competant but pointless cog in a meaningless machine.

What changed for me was my own experience of Mokṣa, and the discovery of tantra.

Tantra teaches that pleasure is healing. Certainly, it was pleasure that set my soul on a journey of healing.

My heart opened to pleasure. My choices became healthier. And now it is my mission to bring that to others in need. Women and men are both trapped in confusion, in darkness; held by guilt, shame, memories of trauma received or inflicted. But you do not need to be trapped. With Mokṣa, there is the real possibility of healing what has been hurt and explosive new growth into areas of experience you might never have believed possible.

But don't feel that you have to be a spiritual or religious person to benefit from the services I offer! This stuff is fun, and it should be fun. I do not presume to claim that my journey is appropriate for anyone else, and nothing about any of my sessions assumes that you have any interest beyond feeling great.

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