Sensual Healing, Sacred Pleasure

Heal... past trauma, troubled relationships, stagnant life patterns, health obstacles. Boost energy and restore libido!

Learn... white, red & gold tantra, sacred sexuality, sexual technique, energy control.

Grow... safely in your sexual confidence, through sacraments of the senses and rituals of transformation, into mystical union with the divine!

Whether you are looking to learn the theory—or experience the reality—of what sacred sexuality can bring to your life, together we can craft the perfect program of healing and learning for you.

Fundamental to my service is creating a completely safe environment for women, men and couples to experience wholly conscious, loving touch. During your time with me, you are completely in charge—even if that means surrenduring completely to the bliss of your body. My healing studio—the Mokṣa Healing Center, located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle—is dedicated as a place sacred to pleasure, a sanctuary for the union of spirit and body.

I offer individual programs of healing and learning as well as regular courses of study for small groups. All programs are custom designed, but following are some ideas to indicate the realm of possibilities.

For Women, Men & Couples

For Practitioners

For Groups

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